Sunday, September 12, 2010

What Matters

Voters' Concerns

Walking through town and talking to voters reveal some interesting perspectives and concerns on their parts.

Foremost seems to be the rising cost of living in South Brunswick.  Every now and then someone says, "I'm going to have to leave South Brunswick when I can't afford to live here any more."

Taxes continue to rise. Water and sewer bills go up. And school costs escalate due to overdevelopment.

As far as municipal taxes go, the Township Council puts much of the blame on a cut in State funding. But, fiscal responsibility starts at home, and it's hard to claim "foul" when South Brunswick's budget and its needs were not even filed when the State was presenting its financial plan for the year.  New Jersey's budget is set in June and towns across the State need to have their "ducks in a row" before then so State officials can make some decisions about State aid.

It is now September, and South Brunswick has just passed its budget, months after the State set its funding priorities. While it might have made little difference, one does have to wonder how State officials feel about giving money to a Township that doesn't quite seem able to figure out its own books on time.

It's a question worth examining.

And a question definitely worth asking.

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