Sunday, September 19, 2010

Zoning is Important

Would You Want a Factory Across the Street?

Residents of Fresh Ponds Road will be faced with a serious zoning concern in the near future.

A concrete manufacturing company wants to put a concrete batch plant in the old Weldon Asphalt site.  Noise, dust, and plenty of trucks come along with this kind of development.

BUT, in order to do this, the company must obtain a zoning variance from the Township.  The land is currently zoned for Rural Residential housing--one house on two acres.  The land also sits within the boundaries of the Pigeon Swamp State Park, a critical environmental area.

The Weldon plant closed down several years ago, so the permits they had to operate have run out, and the new plan has to apply all over again from the beginning.

This is a bad idea all around.  Industrial development should never be placed near homes.  Fresh Ponds Road should never again be used as a heavy truck route. And the Category One waters of the State Park as well as the very environment of the area simply cannot be put at risk by concrete dust, pollution, and diesel fumes.

Watch this blog for the hearing date.  The public needs to speak up to protect our residents, our road, and our environment from this project.  Your presence and your voices will matter to the Zoning Board.

Let's protect South Brunswick from the wrong development in the wrong place.

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