Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Another Victory for Open Space

One More Farm is Protected

North Brunswick Township just announced a victory in its efforts to preserve the Pulda Farm in their Township.

This is the end of another epic battle to protect Open Space and defeat efforts at over development.  Going on for just about as long as the EVA's fight to buy the South Brunswick farm, the North Brunswick battle has many twists and turns.  The disputed land was slated for all kinds of high density development along the way.  Dedicated residents and concerned groups argued again and again, using every available defense to protect this piece of valuable Open Space--one of the few left in their Township.

Again, it was a collaborative effort among the Township, Middlesex County, and the State of New Jersey's Green Acres program.  Some have suggested that the South Brunswick preservation effort to save the farm in our Township may well have impacted the North Brunswick situation as well.

Either way, this success proves what can be done when a dedicated and determined group of citizens bands together to do something positive in Town.  It is hard work and it demands a constant effort to find every possible method available.

In South Brunswick, we generated a constant stream of news coverage which included television, radio and newspapers, even getting stories published in the New York Times. EVA members traveled to countless preservation meetings, made hundreds of phone calls and e mails to public officials and others who might help. We offered public presentations,  took interested parties on tours, and met numerous elected representatives such as Assemblywoman Linda Greenstein and Representative Rush Holt.

North Brunswick residents worked as hard, even battling their own Township government's zoning decisions which seemed to be benefiting the developer instead of residents.

But the farm  will be preserved, despite all the forces working against it.

Congratulations, North Brunswick.  Now, you have joined your neighboring Township in protecting and preserving and important part of our heritage and one more piece of beautiful Open Space for generations to come.

Well done!

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