Friday, October 1, 2010

Open Space Commentary

Republicans Want to Cut Funding???

South Brunswick Republicans seem to think cutting one penny from the Open Space Tax in South Brunswick is a good idea.  Candidates on Open Space in the South Brunswick Post  As Steve Walrond notes, there is a surplus in the Open Space Trust Fund, so why not make cuts?

But every time Open Space funding shows up on the ballot in South Brunswick and New Jersey, taxpayers always vote to support it with their tax dollars.

As far as I'm concerned, cutting Open Space taxes is an example of being penny-wise and pound foolish.  It is exactly what I criticized Middlesex County Freeholders for doing this summer.

More and more evidence is proving that Open Space is one of the best investments a municipality can ever make.  Open Space contributes to the health, welfare, and comfort of residents, it does not add to the need for infrastructure, and in the end, it makes good economic sense.  And it's clear it's exactly what citizens want.

The perceived surplus in South Brunswick needs to be spent well to buy more land and maintain the quality of the parks we already own.

It's what the people want.

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