Monday, October 18, 2010

The Ratables Chase

Is It Worth It?

Property taxes keep going up in South Brunswick, and yet the Council keeps reminding us how many businesses have come into town--and into the warehouse district.

The trouble is, while ratables to contribute to the tax base, they also cost the Township money.  Industrial development puts a burden on our roads, utilities and services.  We need more water to supply huge warehouses and more roads to carry the trucks and cars they generate.

South Brunswick needs to reevaluate its quest for industrial ratables.  We need to examine just how much they do contribute to our tax base. Do a search on the Internet for "ratables chase" and you will find numerous studies reporting that ratables are not necessarily the solution to high property taxes.

One of the best investments for a town?  Surprise! Open space!  Not only does open space make a town more pleasant to live in, but is also does not add to the tax burden.  And actually, some studies are proving that well planned residential housing is also a good investment.

Go figure. Or, go visit some of the websites and go figure.

Here are some selected sites:

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